El Chaltén

Estancia Los Huemules

Length: Varies depends on trail chosen
Grade of difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Experience required: Fitness and trekking experience varies depends on the chosen trail
Season: October to April
Group size: Variable
Ratio: 1 Guide : 15 Pax


Estancia Los Huemules is a private natural reserve, located some 20km away from El Chaltén where you can enjoy some of the most beautiful forests of the area. A pristine location where few visitors arrive, which is what guarantees us a unique experience of walking and hardly seeing anyone else. Ideal nature walks to enjoy with one of our expert guides. Enjoy the magic of these paths for yourselves!


The Estancia has a lovely network of trails to explore covering about 25km. There is a variety of trails possible – from short 1 hour flattish walking to 3 hours of gentle up hill. The trails are well signposted and path erosion is minimal.

It’s a great place to go walking, away from the crowds and where it’s difficult to bump into someone!

At the entrance there is a Visitors Centre with great information about the reserve, the history of the area, indigenous cultures and flora and fauna. A good place to start before heading off!

For those who want good views and a gentle walk, we recommend visiting the Laguna Azul and the Eléctrico Valley. And those who are after a bit more of a challenge we recommend trekking up Loma del Diablo!

  • Programme details
  • Includes:
  • Mountain Guide(AAGM/EPGAMT-APN).
  • Entrance fees to private property.
  • Transfers there and back between El Chaltén and the Estancia.
  • Doesn’t include:
  • Meals.

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