Villa O'Higgins

  • A small and friendly mountain town located at the end of the Carretera Austral in Chile.
  • A new adventure; discover Deep Patagonia,
  • enjoying un-walked paths and views of marvellous lakes.
  • Connect El Chaltén with Villa O´Higgins exploring one of the least visited areas of Patagonia
  • by trekking, boating and camping.

Founded in 1966 makes Villa O’Higgins one of the youngest towns of Chile. It’s located at the end of the Carretera Austral and has only been possible to reach by road since 1999.

Located in a privileged region, it´s surrounded by National Parks, in the heart of a pristine nature and a few steps away from the Continental Ice Field.

Its people, customs and Patagonian architecture are an attraction, too.

It´s definitely worth visiting for a couple of days!.

The most challenging and off the beaten track route between Argentina and Chile

There are 110 Km of journey uniting two of the most interesting towns of Southern Patagonia in Chile and Argentina: Villa O’Higgins and El Chaltén.

The distance may not seem huge but we need a minimum of a day to be able to make the crossing: minibus, boat, trek and another boat the other side of the border... It is one of the least used border crossings and one of the most wild and remote crossings that is only used by 3000 travellers per year.

Two lakes have to be crossed, Lago O’Higgins in Chile and Lago del Desierto in Argentina. Between these two bodies of water you have to walk some 20 Km. A real adventure!

This is not a route for those looking for a traditional trip… it’s a route for those who want an adventure, who want to live it first hand, are willing to spend an extra night somewhere not planned and look at every challenge as another tail to tell at the end of this unforgettable journey!

Carretera Austral

La Carretera Austral runs 1200 Km from north to south in Aysén, Chile. Aysén is one of the least populated regions of Chile and without a doubt one of the most beautiful, untouched and undiscovered gems of Southern Chile.

The Carretera Austral today attracts travellers from all over the world who want to experience something new, in indescribably beautiful locations, first hand.

You will have the possibility to see wildlife (deer, pumas and condors, to name but a few), travel along enchanting valleys, admire fjords, lush green forests, snow capped mountains and hanging glaciers which can be found round each bend along one of the most spectacular highways of South America.

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