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Our programmes are characterised by the high standard of services we provide, including professional and specialised guides, excellent cuisine and specific technical equipment for each activity to ensure optimum security.

Coming to Patagonia doesn´t just mean high physical exertion, we provide all types and levels of trekking, which don’t leave anyone out!

The discovering of this region, its culture, history and the traditions of the first inhabitants are major factors not to be forgotten. Our services are especially designed to allow you to enjoy the nature of Patagonia and its culture.

Our business attributes

We know the region and we work with the most reliable and trustworthy operators: We recommend the best Hoteliers and local transport operators available. We avoid working with the low cost operators that offer attractive prices but unreliable services.

We will respond to personal or business queries within 24 hours: We do all the work ourselves. This is what differentiates us from the large companies. We work with all forms of technology available to us in Patagonia; Internet telephoning, Skype, msn and email, so wherever you are, especially when planning your trip, you can contact us. We understand that a trip to Patagonia can be something you have only dreamt of; we want to make it real and we want to make it a success.

Responsible tourism: We are aware that any kind of tourism can have a negative impact in varying contexts; natural, social, cultural and administrative in Protected Natural Areas (ANP), but we also believe that the impact of our visit into an ANP can be positive for the conservation of the area and for the local communities..

A basic principle for us is practicing Responsible Tourism, which to us means:

A journey which takes into account the natural, socio-cultural, economic and political contexts of a destination in search of increasing the benefits and minimising the negative impacts of tourism.

Practicing Responsible tourism is a way of travelling. It is putting into practice certain conservation principles. We invite you on an adventure as a real eco traveller.

Walk Patagonia is a registered travel agency at the Ministry of Tourism, Argentina.
It´s under the denomination:
Walk & Trek EVT - Leg. 14504 - Disp. 440.

Secretary of Tourism Santa Cruz - Secretaría de Turismo (Santa Cruz) Provincial Register of Tourist Activities. Providers of Adventure Tourism Nº 1104.

Córdoba Tourism Agency - Agencia Córdoba Turismo (Córdoba)
Register of Alternative Tourism Provider
File Nº: Expte. Nº 0260-007478/2005 – Res.Nº 321/07

Walk Patagonia is a Tourist Service Provider Company dedicated to providing guided excursions to individuals or groups of tourists in the Los Glaciares National Park (PNLG).
Authorisation A.P.N. Nº: 380/07

Walk Patagonia (Walk & Trek EVyT) is a member of AAVYT (Asociación Argentina de Agencias de Viajes y Turismo de la República Argentina).

Walk Patagonia is a member of AAETAV (Asociación Argentina de Ecoturismo y Turismo Aventura).

We are professional guides of the Argentine Association of Mountain Guides (AAGM) and the Provincial School of Mountaineering and Trekking (EPGAMT) and we are registered with the National Park Administration (APN).


Our activities are covered by an Adventure Tourism Insurance. We provide for our tourists Personal Accident and Civil Responsibility Cover with one of the most prestigious insurance companies available.

We are constantly aware of improving our standards of quality. Walk Patagonia is currently working towards the IRAM-SECTUR 42500 Certification in the quality of organisational processes and its activities as a Services in Walking and Trekking Provider Company.

Promoting the Code for the ethical traveller

Excursions into the countryside should not leave any trace behind. We shouldn’t take anything else apart from the photos of the Natural Heritage and local culture. Leave everything for others to see, or for specialists in nature, let’s inform ourselves of what forms of protection we should be carrying out. Take care of the flora and fauna by being quiet and enjoying the sounds of nature that surround us. Always be respectful to other visitors and guests, they will appreciate it. Don’t doubt in buying locally and supporting the local economy and at the same time being critical of its quality with the aim of aiding and consolidating small local producers.
We take this moment to remind you to look at the “Leave no Trace” principles, spread by NOLS and LEAVE NO TRACE, of which we are members.

Walk Patagonia is a member of Sustainable Travel International.

Walk Patagonia contributes to Climate Care by offsetting our carbon dioxide emissions from travel and from our office. We invite you to enter their website to learn about how you can offset your carbon emissions when flying to Patagonia.
One impact of tourism often ignored, is the emission of carbon dioxide, CO2, from aeroplane journeys that significantly contribute to global warming and climatic change. (It is calculated that 3% of all CO2 emitted from business is from airlines). Accepting the fact that to travel to other countries, or to travel long distances it is not practical to use other methods of transport, companies with international recognition such as Climate Care have started funding various projects in green energy, energy efficiency and forest reforestation around the world to reduce emissions on our behalf. This allows aeroplane travellers to repair the ecological damage caused by their flight.

Walk Patagonia travel company was awarded with the SELLO VERDE "Green Seal" in El Chaltén; the first one to receive this distinction. It represents the hard work and dedication of Walk Patagonia to: reduce energy consumption, reducing and recycling rubbish, hardly using paper, using plastic reusable pack lunch boxes, solar panels for recharging batteries on camps and expeditions, amongst other actions.

Corporate social responsibility

As a business we try, within our capabilities, to apply the concepts associated with Sustainable Development for example “Corporate Ethics”, “Fair Trade”, “Ethical Consumerism” and “Best Practice”.
Corporate ethics takes into account a code of values and personal ethics that are carried out in forms of good business management.
Regarding Human Rights, we offer work and with fair policies such as professional and personal (health and well-being) development. We take care of our relationships with our providers ensuring we apply the same conditions of security and well-being for everyone, promoting “Corporate Social Responsibility”. We look to promote a responsible market offering quality products, using ethical sales practices and effective and clear publicity.
To help protect the environment we strive to use recycled paper and keep our paperwork to a minimum, save energy and be eco efficient (minimising the use of private transport and petrol when there is an alternative available).
Finally we favour the Development of Local Communities, supporting relevant local projects and developing the volunteer corps in the area.

We actively provide help during your trip

A trip abroad doesn’t always go to plan; the flight, hotel reservations, meals, arrival and departure transfers, etc. can go wrong. We will try to solve your problems when you arrive with a complete package that was bought from any travel agency from around the world. We understand the enormous difference in solving problems with experts living in Patagonia rather than 1000s of kilometres away. Please contact us.

We can work with your travel agency if you want

If you already have a trusted agency you like to work with, no problem, we can work with them! The cost will be the same, just ask for them to contact us.

We speak your language

Our groups can be guided in Spanish, English, French, Italian, German or Japanese..

We never tire of showing the natural beauty that surrounds us

Madre and Hija Lakes. Trekking from El Chaltén. Los Glaciares National Park.

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Walk Patagonia - Walk & Trek EVT - Leg. 14504 - Disp. 440.
Tourist Service Provider of trekking and expeditions in Los Glaciares National Park
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