Gift Vouchers

Now with Walk Patagonia you can send an incredible gift!

If you have family or a friend thinking of travelling to El Chaltén on holiday or on a honeymoon, or you own a company and want to surprise your employees with an incentive trip you can present them with a fantastic gift.

Choose the amount you want to give and send the Gift Voucher immediately. We process your order, your family member, or friend will receive an email from Walk Patagonia with the Gift voucher ready to print, and on arrival to El Chaltén can come to our office and use the Gift voucher.


  • Choose the amount you want to send as a Gift Voucher.
  • Complete the form with your details and those of the recipient.
  • Write the message that you want the recipient to receive with the Gift Voucher.
  • You can ask Walk Patagonia any questions in the Question box below.
  • Send your order.
  • Having processed the order and received payment we will send via email the Gift Voucher to the recipient, who will be able to print it off with information on how to use it.
  • The recipient of the Gift Voucher, on arrival to El Chaltén, will present the voucher at our office and be able to use it as a form of payment or discount.

  • Conditions
  • The use of a Gift Voucher must be announced to Walk Patagonia seven days prior, by the Gift Voucher holder.
  • The Gift Voucher must be exchanged during season that is in course (October to March).
  • In the case that the recipient of the Gift Voucher has already paid for services in full, s/he can use the Gift Voucher for another activity provided by Walk Patagonia.
  • The Gift Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • The same General Conditions apply as carrying out any activity with Walk Patagonia.

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