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Trekking "Chaltén Total" (Trekking "Chaltén Total")
Difficulty: Dificulty: Demanding
Elevation: Elevation 1000m
Total Duration: Duration: 6 DaysDuration: 6 DaysDuration: 6 DaysDuration: 6 DaysDuration: 6 DaysDuration: 6 Days
Duration: + Duration: 10/12 hs

This is a fantastic trekking experience which takes you through the principal zones and attractions of El Chaltén. Surrounded by nature; camping at base camps, nearly all being far removed from the normal idea of civilisation, making this a unique and unforgettable experience.



Transfer from El Chaltén to Río Eléctrico.
Walk 2 hours up the valley of the Eléctrico River, through a beautiful lenga forest, until we arrive at our first camp; Piedra del Fraile (530 masl) – private grounds -   which provide simple coffees and cakes, toilets and a refuge. In the afternoon we will walk a bit further, some 3 hours to Laguna Pollone (900masl). From here we will be able to admire the Lower Glacier Fitz Roy, the northern face of Mount Fitz Roy and the Aguja (Needle) Pollone, Marconi Glacier and the Eléctrico Lake.

We have an exciting trek towards Poincenot base camp, at the foot of Mount Fitz Roy.

We will walk for about 8 hours and have an elevation change of some 700m.We start by walking up the Blanco River passing by the impressive Piedras Blancas Glacier with the option of getting close to the lagoon to take some great photos. We then continue towards Río Blanco base camp (exclusively for Mount Fitz Roy climbers). After a short break and a look round the area we immerse ourselves in another lovely lenga forest and start the ascent to Laguna de los Tres (1200masl). This viewpoint gives you the best view of Mount Fitz Roy. Afterwards we drop back down to Poincenot base camp (750 masl) where we will spend our second night.

We recommend starting this day at sunrise (early) as from here you can take some stunning shots of Mount Fitz Roy at dawn. After breakfast trek to Laguna Torre, passing by the Lagunas Madre (mother), Hija (daughter) and Nieta (granddaughter). On arriving at Laguna Torre and while enjoying the splendid view you can have your lunch sitting on the edge of the lagoon. Those who then want to can opt for a short walk up to the famous viewpoint of Maestri. The total trekking time today will be about 6 hours, with an elevation change of approximately 400m. We will overnight in Thorwood camp ground.

Depart from the camp ground to Laguna Torre, where the Fitz Roy River starts. We will cross the river on a Tyrolean rope using harnesses. The path then starts to climb   up through a lenga forest on the steep slopes of Mount Pliegue Tumbado, in search of “Paso de Las Agachonas” (Bird Pass) (1400 masl). On arriving at the pass you will be treated with one of the best views of the whole national park including the valley of Mount Torre and the Fitz Roy massif. We descend into the Túnel River valley, and then have to climb back up it to arrive at Laguna Toro base camp (600 masl). Trekking today will be about 7 to 8 hours with an elevation change of approximately 800m.

Depart from camp very early. We circle the Laguna Toro, and then cross Túnel River, using the Tyrolean rope. We will climb up to Paso del Viento (1550 masl) over stony areas, glacial moraines and a bit of ice trekking on the Lower Glacier Túnel. From Paso del Viento you will be to get a great view of the Southern Ice Field, the source of the Viedma Glacier and the Mariano Moreno range. We will have a good break in order to have plenty of time for taking photos before returning to Laguna Toro campground. Another 8 hours of walking today, with an elevation change of 900m. This is a very strenuous day but easily compensated by the fabulous views seen!

Trek to El Chaltén alongside the Túnel River and then following a path that alternates between open areas, pastures and lenga forests. The walk will take about 6 hours with 400m of elevation.

-Includes - Mountain guide (AAGM/EPGAMT – APN) and assistant
-Technical equipment for glaciers and the Tyrolean rope (crampons, harness, rope, helmet)
-Group equipment (tents, cooking equipment, etc)
-Transfers – El Chaltén - Río Eléctrico

Not included- Accommodation in El Chaltén, extra porters, any other service
not mentioned in the programme

Size of group – 2-4 people per guide
Meals: All included All included All included All included
Personal equipment: Personal equipment

60/70litre backpack, water bottle, warm layer, waterproof jacket and over trousers (Gore-Tex), gloves*, hat(1 for sun, 1 for cold), socks and synthetic t-shirts for changing, thermals, 2 warm fleeces  sunglasses*, sun-tan lotion*, sturdy footwear*, comfy shoes for
camps, gaiters, head torch, wash bag, sleeping bag**, sleep mat**, etc.

(*)     Items which you MUST have when trekking on a glacier.
(**)    Items that you may hire if you prefer.

Photo gallery: Photo gallery

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